Apollo 11

The Apollo 11 flight was the first landing on the moon, July 20th, 1969. 


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Eagle passing over West Crater.

The famous 1201 computer program alarm.  Pressing the Reset key on the Digital Display Keyboard (DSKY) will restart the computer

Again near West Crater. Pressing F3 will show the location of the original landing site.  The big arrow also points to a LM outline on the ground.

Approaching the landing dust begins kicking up.

Leaning forward and looking left out the CDR window shows the front left Reaction Control System (RCS) quad.  This picture and the one before also shows the Landing Point Designator (LPD) that is inscribed on the inner and outer window panes.  To use it one must align the two like a gun site. 

And landing.  The shadow is racing up toward the LM and it is very hard to get visual references on the ground from the moving sheet of dust.