This document is a webpage (html) version of the program documentation.  If you would like to download the actual file it is available here:  This file is a Windows HTML Help file (.chm). 




Mission Specific

LM Systems

Other Items

Getting Started

The operation and flight control of the LM can be complicated to the uninitiated.  In Eagle Lander 3D (EL3D), the switches, controls, computer interface and flight dynamics are designed to be very realistic. It would be a good idea to first look through the information included in this help file to get the most out of your EL3D experience.

Some places to start....

·       Quick start for those that just have to fly, right now.

·       Apoll 11 Mission specifics for in-depth description of the Apollo 11 mission.  For non-registered installations or first time users this section gives more specific information about the mission.  Apollo 11 also has two special features not included in the other missions.   Even if you are about to fly another mission it is a good template for general information.

·       Landing Procedures for a detailed description of the flight modes, programs, trajectory, etc.

·       LM Systems for an overview of the computer, instruments, controls, propulsion, guidance and flight planning.

·       Startup Settings to learn how to optimize EL3D to your machine.

·       Tips to get some fast ideas on how to maximize EL3D operation.

·       Controls for a description of the methods of controlling el3d with either the keyboard or joystick(s).