LM Racing

The LM racing mission is a fun way to develop your LM flying skills.  It is a very simple course but the challenges come when you try to get around it fast.  The scoring is controlled by several factors:




Make sure you get slowed down before the end of the course.  A sudden pitch-back works well but is sometimes hard to control.  You don’t need to worry about the quality of your landing – just get it down safe.  When you land your time score stops.  Keep in mind your time score is unaffected by just passing under the finish line – you must land past the finish line to stop it.


Remember, you can save and load replays of previous flights.  If this is your first time you might try watching the ‘canned’ one first.  It even shows a ‘mistake’ of overcorrecting at the finish line and flying backwards a bit.


Once you are on the ground switch to a spot view and use the space bar to cycle through the displays until you see the score.  Your flight track is in green.  You can zoom way out and check the quality of your turns and positioning on the course.