The download package:

The complete install package including the program and all missions. Once registered all of the missions and capabilities are available.  In the un-registered configuration, you still have the complex models and lighting capabilities

Vista Patch! 

For Vista users, you will need to download and run this patch BEFORE you run setup212.exe.

For more information about running EL3D in Vista please click here.


There are two Eagle Lander 3D (EL3D) configurations:

Shareware - FREE

When un-registered, EL3D  is absolutely free and includes the last few minutes of the flight of Apollo 11.   At anytime you can register and enjoy multiple missions, longer flight times, replay options and many other items not available to unregistered installations.

Registered - $24.95

The registered configuration allows multiple missions, longer flight times and a host of other features.  To learn more about the advantages of registration please visit here. If you would like to register right now then click:  REGISTER HEREYou will be sent to a secure online store and your registration number will be sent to you by email.

Updating from a previous version?

Check out the Updates section for information.

Before registering....

Please review the requirements for EL3D.  EL3D is a sophisticated 3D simulation and is best run on a computer with a high quality 3D graphics card.  Even newer computers (lots of memory, >3ghz cpu, big hard drives) that are designed for ‘office’ applications (like word processing, spreadsheets, email) may not run EL3D very well  Office computers generally do not have quality 3D graphics cards, and while they claim to run 3D applications, they do so poorly.

If you have any doubt about the capabilities of your computer system, wait to register the program until you have tested it in the un-registered mode. Once you are satisfied with the performance, you can instantly register within the program.

Registration of EL3D.    Why register? -- learn more about registration

There are three ways of registering EL3D. 

  1. Through the online store.  You will be emailed your serial number and will need to enter it with the Register button in EL3D.  If you are ready to register now you can just click: REGISTER HERE.

  2. Inside the program with a secure link to the online system.  This method will automatically register your program while it is running (no need to enter serial numbers).

  3. A link to the online store from inside the program.  This basically does the same as the first option but your browser is activated from inside EL3D.  You will be emailed your serial number.

EL3D on CD.

A CD option is available through the online store.  If you would like more information click here.