Orbital Flight - Rendezvous and Docking

Thiese missions will test your ability to maneuver in space, align the spacecraft and dock.  You can chose the descent scenario that starts you docked with the CSM.  Or, you can fly the ascent stage as it tracks the CSM from about a mile away. You can use attitude and translation RCS commands to position dock the LM with the CSM.  In the meantime you can sightsee with an earthrise while the lunar surface rotates 60miles beneath you.  You also have the ability to stage the LM and fly only the ascent stage.

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Docked in orbit

Another angle

Eagle in lunar orbit.

Staging the descent stage while in lunar orbit.  This is an abort of course - no landing possible.  You can see bits of debris from the event floating off.

A look at the staged descent stage as it slowly tumbles away.  It was probably not a very good idea to stage so close to the CSM.

Backing away a bit and viewing from another angle.

The ascent stage approaches the CSM in docking orientation.  The Commander's (CDR) is looking up through the overhead docking window.

The ascent stage very close now.  You can see the docking target in the right forward window of the CSM.  You can also see the overhead docking window of the LM through it's front window.

A view from inside the LM of the overhead docking window.  The Crewman Optical Alignment Site (COAS) is ready for use.  It projects an image to help align the two spacecraft.

Maneuvering the LM to align with the CSM with the help of the COAS.

Getting closer with some final corrections to be made.

Looking good.

Moving our eye closer to the COAS reticule we see perfect alignment for docking.

Capture!  The probe is then retracted for a hard dock.